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There is no part of your foot that is more prone to pain than your heel, and it’s easy to determine why. Your heel takes the brunt of the stress when you walk, run, jump, or play sports. And even if you have made the effort to get exceptionally supportive footwear, there is still the chance that you will need heel pain treatments. Here at Boynton Podiatry Associates, you can depend on skilled, specialized care, provided by a podiatry expert.

The two most common reasons why you are experiencing heel pain are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The plantar fascia is the thick band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes. If it becomes strained, inflamed, and/or develops small tears, you are going to feel it. The condition announces itself. Heel spurs, though, are the result of calcium deposits, leading to bone-like formations on the underside of your foot. You may even develop both conditions at the same time. In addition to shoes that don’t give you the necessary cushioning, other causes include flat feet, high arches, diabetes, feet that roll inward when you walk and being overweight. When you come in to see our Boynton Beach podiatrist, you will be examined thoroughly, and x-rays will be taken so that a precise diagnosis can be made. Knowing the exact condition or conditions you are experiencing, as well as the severity is key to identifying the proper remedy. In many cases, that will be custom orthotics (shoe inserts) from our Boynton Beach podiatrist. They cushion your feet so that they have the opportunity to heal. Some of the other possible treatments are stretching exercises, physical therapy, and surgery, which is generally not considered unless the problem persists or recurs.

Our Boynton Beach podiatrist is here to help with heel pain, so reach out to us for a timely appointment.

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