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Fungal Infections in Delray Beach

Any type of infection is dangerous, whether it originates from bacteria, virus, or fungus. It just so happens that fungal infections are a particularly frequent occurrence when it comes to your feet. The biggest reason for that is your feet provide the warm and moist environment that fungus needs to thrive. At Boynton Podiatry Associates, get the skilled help of a specialist in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of fungal infections.

Your toes are most often the focal point where the symptoms of fungus develop, such as with athlete’s foot and with toenail infections. You can catch them by walking barefoot in communal areas like locker rooms, showers, and the areas surrounding pools, for a few examples. You can also get it by touching items used by others who have a fungal infection. Towels are typically a concern, but so are socks, shoes, and other linens. Our Delray Beach foot care is based on not only relieving the symptoms you’re experiencing, but also to stopping the spread of the infection, and other complications. A secondary bacterial infection can develop. Regarding symptoms, they include a burning, stinging, or itching sensation between your toes, cracked or peeling skin on the sole of your foot or between your toes, thick, brittle, or ragged toenails that are pulling away from the nail bed, yellowish nails, blisters that itch, and dry skin on the sides or bottoms of your feet. Another advantage of our Delray Beach foot care is that the cosmetic issues created will also be addressed. Your toes, nails, and/or feet may become unsightly and make you self-conscious about revealing them.

Some of the ways that our Delray Beach foot care succeeds in treating fungal infections is with topical and oral medication. Additional options, up to and including the removal of nails, will be considered if necessary. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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